Portia Modise Recalls Living In A Shack...

Whilst being successful.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Portia Modise  | Top of The

Imagine having a soaring professional career, yet your personal state of living remains as is - such was the case for iconic footballer, Portia Modise.

In an interview with Robert Marawa on his sports channel, Marawa TV, the former footballer spoke candidly about the harsh and sad reality that she endured during the early days in her football career.

Whilst rattling net after net with goals, Portia revealed that her financial life didn't improve that much, hence she continued living in a shack and was forced to sell her snazzy BMW, in order to pay her bills and that of her family members.  

Elaborating more on this dark period in her personal life, Portia said the following:

"...I was coming from a very disadvantaged background. While I was scoring hundred goals, I was still living in a shack. You know, so I couldn't drive that (car) and when I’m done park at in front of a shack.''

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