SABC 3 ready to give couples R75,000 for their wedding

If you were given R750,000 to plan your wedding would you get married in a flash?

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Err, hell yeah!? but there is a catch, you have to be in a long term relationship or already engaged. So shame, askiesi to all the players out there, but if you're a vat n sit couple this could be your lucky break! 

According to a statement recently released by SABC 3, the local channel is embarking on a new reality show titled Married In A Flash which is an exciting reality wedding show for couples, again, this is only for couples in long term relationships or for those who are engaged. 

The couples are giving away a whopping R75,000 to creatively plan and execute their wedding, but here's another catch, you and your beau are only given 3 days to organize your special day.

Yoh, that time planning a wedding takes months if not a year or two of planning.

"The cameras will follow the couples from the day they are given the money, planning what they can and can't afford, what they can achieve in a week, who will make the guest list and who will be chopped delegating the to-do-list and finally the wedding day." Read the statement.

What's also great about this show is that SABC 3 is already calling on couples who are interested to already contact the producers of the show.

So, if you meet the criteria and what to get married as in tomorrow we definitely encourage you to partake in this reality show.

Here are the contacts and good luck. See you on TV!

Email: [email protected]

Call: (010) 594 5127

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@SABC3

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