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Sbahle Mpisane is back to making trends once again.

The fitness influencer took to her Instagram to share her love for hygiene. She did so by posting picture of her naked in the shower.

Instead of focusing on the message they were floored by the picture.

I have a ask✋... who's behind the camera?

This post was not about water 🙅🏽‍♂️😩🔥

Sbwl kuzokugeza Sbahle😍😍🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

Turn around😅🔥🔥🚀🚀

The fitness bunny got complimented for her facial expressions not-so-long-ago. The reality television star recently took to social media to address this after someone pointed this to her. In her address, Sbalhle was not sure whether or not to take it as a compliment or insult.

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Her followers took to the comment section to assure her that she has nothing to worry about since she's a natural beauty.

In 2018, Sbahle's promising career as a fitness instructor and entertainer was brought to a standstill following her horrific car crash that almost claimed the star's life. Sbahle, who's now recovered was left with severe injuries - she was unable to walk for months.

Mpisane has been sharing her road to recovery through social media. In July 2020, the Kwa Mamkhize star penned a heartfelt message on her social media handles to reminding her followers to always show gratitude.

“I am blessed” is a declaration and a deep feeling that reflects that you trust the universe." Wrote the fitness bunny. "It's taking away your mind from the repetitive cycle of looking for what’s wrong to seeing what’s right in your life by celebrating every moment."

This positive outlook on life helped Sbahle, who's had a challenging last two years focus on the more positive things in her.

"This powerful way of thinking and speaking has shifted my life and has taken me on a journey of bliss. Happiness is a choice and by being busy declaring that you are blessed it will change how you feel. Believe me! You will no longer wait for circumstances to change to be blessed or happy. You can speak it now!

"Adjust your mental thoughts by calming your blessings now. There’s so much good happening in all our life’s irrespective of our different conditions and backgrounds. I’ve been through a lot myself"

In her message, she used her life as an example, from having everything going her way to seeing it all fall down.

"From having a good reputation to almost believing I’m nothing anymore. The truth is, you are blessed. You have always been! Don’t choose to recognize it ONLY when “something happens!”.  Count your blessings. Look around you. Look inside you. You are extremely blessed! Celebrate it now!"

Mpisane also encouraged her followers to also consider the needs of others.

"If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. Be a vessel, be the change, be the difference or be the inspiration. Shine your light as an example. The world needs more of that. Spreading my love to you all, blessed day to you."

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