Uzalo's Siyabonga Shibe says he is not paid enough

Not enough is being put in the hands of artists

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The arts have always been a volatile industry to get into. There are endless stories of people either getting swindled of the money they deserve or just not getting it at all. 

Uzalo actor Siyabonga Shibe is not one who is new to this struggle. Speaking to TshisaLive the actor went back to a time when people couldn't believe that he was taking a taxi. 

"I remember I was on the taxi once and someone grabbed my hat off my head and said, 'I know you! You are on TV, why are you riding in a taxi?' I asked her what she did for a living and she told me she was a teacher. I said to her, 'then why are you riding a taxi if you are a teacher? People don't really understand that this is a career like everyone else's. It is hard with that pressure."

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Even though the taxi times have passed, he still feels he isn't getting his worth. 

"I'm not paid enough. It is because channels need to pay more to the production houses and then the production houses need to pay actors more."

He also feels like acting as an art is dying because of social media. 

"It has become all about the flash and the followers and the art has died a bit. If you want to be famous, you can be famous but it is more difficult to be talented. The sad part is everyone looks at how many followers you have and not at your talent."

What do you think? Do you believe that people in the entertainment industry are not getting their due?

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