Skeem Saam's Patrick Seleka On ABusing His Wife

he has since apologized to his wife and the public

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The much loved Patrick Seleka popularly know for his character as Katlego Peterson on SABC1's Skeem Saam confesses to infidelity and being abusive towards his wife. In an Instagram post which has since been deleted, Patrack Seleka bared his heart out of shame and remorse.

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Known as the sweetness Katlego Peterson on Skeem Sam, but Patrick Seleka is a married man with a full life outside of Skeem Sam. Reportedly by TiME Live, Patrick Seleka took to Instagram to confess some of his crimes while pleading for an apology to his wife.

On an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Patrick Seleka opened up about some cheating allegations within his marriage. Patrick Seleka want to also confess being abusive towards his wife, Mnabaneng Seleka. On a video that was already making rounds on social media, Patrick Seleka admitted to have been the primary reason for his wife's mental health deteriorating amongst other things he has caused her.

"The reason for my wife's depression is me. I should point out that it is all my fault. I am the reason she has been depressed for so long and the worse is that I have not been there for her. I was emotionally and psychologically abusive to her. I am the primary reason for her depression" reported by TiMe Live

Amongst other things that Patrick Seleka shared, he was shamelessly to also admit to the fact that he has not been the greatest husband to his wife. Although the pair is always taking pictures together and look all happy. However it is true when they say all that gold isn't glitter.

Patrick Sekela continued to admit that he has played a huge role into his wife losing her job, as a respect of her going into depression. He inserted to being controlling, as also that led to having been choosing for his wife including the friend she keeps amongst some other things.

"I have to put my wife in a position where I would not want even my worst enemies to be on. And I am publicly apologizing to her, wherever she is right now, and her family and everyone for everything I have done. And I will do everything in my power to make things right for her" reported by TiMe Live

Patrick Seleka has really hoped that his wife, family and his fans that he has since upset following the public apology will find it in their hearts to forgive him. Him coming forward with to publicly apologize was his only way to own up to his mistakes and take accountability for his actions.

At some point his wife, Mnabaneng Seleka was bashed and attacked on social media, due to  Patrick Seleka's doing. However, he has gravely apologized for putting his wife in that position and he admitted to never do that again. 

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