"Even Declared Dead Most Times Was Nothing"- Sophie Ndaba

The actress opens up about her struggle with diabetes

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South African actress Sophie Ndaba, has opened up about her struggle with sugar diabetes. Sophie who has been living with the disease for almost a decade now, is encouraging netizens to get tested and know their status.

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It is no secret that the actress been through the most since revealing that she has diabetes. Many remember her from her famed role in Generations, as the voluptuous Queen Moraka, but after her battle with the disease, she lost weight and faced criticism over her appearance. She was even rumoured to have died on numerous occasions, but she won't let anyone dim her light.

Taking to Instagram, she opened up about the ordeal that she endured after the public made her life a living hell due to her illness.

"Being attacked teased laughed at was nothing! Even declared dead most times was nothing! Let me tell you living with Diabetes is not something you wish on your enemy. It's uncomfortable painful confusing deadly and 24/7 ,,monitoring required! Trust me prevention is better than cure.!!

The actress is always encouraging people to treat each other with kindness. In an interview Radio 2000, Sophie poured her heart out and said “I was at the deepest point of depression. I can't even explain it. When I think about it, I am like 'God, you saved me because I would look in the mirror and see the same voluptuous woman. You wear the same clothes, the same style at that size and you still think it is normal. That is how deep it was, I couldn't see a thing," said Ndaba.

“It was like 'Who are they talking about? They are talking about me!' I snapped out of it. Nobody came to me, no friends came to me, and said 'I think you are losing weight too rapidly'. Are you still on that diet?" she said, as quoted by TshisaLive.

The actress recently came out guns blazing to slam reports that her posh Johannesburg home was repossessed. This follows after Sunday World  reported that Mercantile Bank had foreclosed her home due to failure to keep up with her monthly bond instalments.

Sophi said he home was not auctioned off but, she sold it through CF Property agents. “Dear Sunday World and your stupid stupid journalist who wrote that my house was sold by the bank. Darling let me give you education 101, when a bank sells a house it’s called an auction [and] I sold my house through CF Property agents,” the actress said in a video.

The publication further ruffled her feathers after saying she was "ailing." Reacting to the rumours, an agitated Sophie said she did not need the negativity because she is re-writing her future.

Number two, I’m not ailing. Do I look like an ailing person? Stop messing with my business, my family and my future. I am rewriting my future and I don’t need you helping me with your stupidity,” she concluded.

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