Sorisha Naidoo's Wealth Bracelet Causes A Stir On Social Media

More tweets are yearning for the very same bracelet that brings riches

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The most loved and watched Real Housewives of Durban is currently trending on social media following numerous events that left viewers jaws dropped. Sorisha Naidoo's wealth bracelet have its won hashtag at scores of tweeps are yearning to own one.

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Scores of tweeps have come forward with claims to wanting to own Sorisha Naidoo's wealth bracelet. During a scene with Slee at the fabric store, when asked about a particular wrist bracelet that she wears. Sorisha Naidoo admitted to owning a wealth bracelet that is believed to bring more riches in the Hindu religion.

"Where can one find Sorisha's bracelet. I need it and kuyaphuthuma. #RHODurban" wrote Meany Mgenge
"I need Sorisha's bracelet for wealth #RHODurban" wrote Nkosazane Enhle
"Low-key cannot stop thinking about the Hindu prayer for wealth bracelet Sorisha has #RHODurban" wrote Sazy Ngobese
For the past two seasons of the Real Housewives of Durban, Sorisha Naidoo could not do any wrong before the viewers. however, this season there has been may talks about Naidoo's new found character and virtue which has received mixed emotions.

However, without a doubt, Naidoo continues to be the favorite Housewives of the Durban franchise.

"I love how Sorisha has found her voice and is able to stand up for herself in this new season. Sheโ€™s no nonsense taker and she is loyal to her close friends, and defends them even in their absence. Love her!! #RHODurban #RHOD" wrote Lesego Senoelo
"To be honest I'm loving sorisha new mindset. She only surrounds herself around people that are genuine, honest, and mature. So when she saw ukuthi Jojo is coming with ikaka she could already tell how this event is going to turn out. I support this peaceful queen. #RHODurban" wrote Fiki
However, following yesterday's episode, some viewers have slammed Sorisha Naidoo for skipping fellow housewife Nonku Williams event, due the Sane's presence. Viewers feel as though Naidoo was terrified to what Sane will have to say about her husband, Vivian Reddy.

"Sorisha leaving before Sane spills some tea on her and Viv #RHODurban" wrote uBandile
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