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Ok, so we know we've done a Yo TV throwback before, but it honestly wouldn't hurt if we did a second one? This time around we have finally found the full Gimme Yo TV video starring the very young and cute first generation of presenters.

This video includes the likes of Bryon Tylor, Sade Giliberti, Siphiwe Mtshali, Entle Dambuza, and Mandisa Taylor.

Siphiwe looked so cute with his chubby cheeks in this video, Entle was also really feeling herself as a little "rapper" back then.

Check out the video below and get your fix of Yo TV nostalgia:

In case you didn't know, Mandisa has since moved to the UK and is happily married with three children. Apparently Byron Tylor got married in January 2014.

Sigh... they grow up so fast.

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