EXCLUSIVE: #KwaMaMkhize's Tha Simelane Lets Us Into His Busy World

35 really looks good.

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Flamboyant and #KwaMaMkhize's reality show star, Tha Simelane is joining the long list of entertainers in the entertainment industry who are in their late 30s today. The renowned Durban based MC, who is a teacher by profession recently got candid with ZAlebs and opened about his lifestyle and fame on the reality show.

Tha who is openly gay said, being gay in the entertainment industry is great because it is a fast-paced lifestyle and fame is very easy. He said although gays do not support each other in the industry, however, they thrive to do the best.
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Speaking about his career of being a top MC in KZN he said: "I have always been a fan of being in front of the audience, I enjoy it and that is why I'm a teacher. I started off my career MCing parties, then people recognised me and I ended up getting gigs for top events, which have been a dream come true.

Tha has always been a fan of finer things in life and his friendship with the opulent Durban-based entrepreneur Shauwn Mkhize has had many on envy mode because of all the glitz and glam they are exposed to.

He said he is living a normal life and people should not be fazed by social media: "People see us wearing expensive designers clothes, sleeping at expensive hotels and travelling in private jets, and think we are living large. For me, that life does not pay the bills but, it's part of the industry I am in. There is nothing interesting, I think you crave for this life until you get to live it, then you see that it's not glamorous."
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Speaking about his friendship with Shauwn Mkhize he said, they became friends because he used to attend a lot of soccer matches and Shauwn asked him to be an ambassador for her football club Royal Eagles.

"We then got to spend so much time together, because we are both single and I've known her for a long time but, because I even bought a place next to where  she stays, we became very close"

He said Shauwn is a loving friend who always wants to see everyone happy and they are both free-spirited which is why they just became birds of a feather.
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Avid viewers of KwaMamMkhize have fallen in love with Tha and continuously say, he delivers the content they signed up for. "The viewers love me because I'm authentic that is why they relate to me. I have a tell-it-like it is attitude and I'm not afraid of anything."

He said he's currently single and he doesn't want to date any Ben 10s. He said he wants someone who is financially stable and who will spoil him in life.

He also tuned 35 today! Happy Birthday, Tha!!

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