Imbewu Resurrects Ngcolosi

Fans have absolutely no clue what is in store for them

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It appears etv's Imbewu is on a resurrection spree as another actor will be rejoining the cast once again. Tony Kgoroge, who portrays the character of Ngcolosi, joins Phindile Gwala who also recently return to the telenovela.

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A number of veteran actors and actresses have since exited Imbewu due to a number of different reasons. However, what has stood out from past reporting is that, creator Leleti Khumalo does not play when it comes to unprofessionalism on set.

Leleti Khumalo is currently starring as a lead on etv's popular telenovela Imbewu, The Seed, she is also one of the three show creators, which means that she has all the rights to hire and fire some of her cast members.

However, as of December, Tony Kgoroge playing Ngcolosi will make an epic come on Imbewu. The official Instagram page of Imbewu made the announce that left viewers with mixed emotions, since of course he died when he was exiting the show.

"The KING is Back! đź‘‘Friday 2 December 2022 at 9PM #Imbewu #Ngcolosi" wrote etc Imbewu


On Zalebs Latest Imbewu Reporting On How Leleti Khumalo Booted Some Of Her Cast Member On Imbewu

 A handful of seasoned actors and actresses have been axed from Imbewu and the word of the streets is that Leleti Khumalo who plays MaZulu does not tolerate unprofessional-ism and being being demanded and disrespectful. In this television business, you are only good as your last gig and how the creators work is that everyone is replaceable. 

Back in 2018 when the show started, it delivered a very tight and star-studded cast members. However, when some of the cast members started falling out like autumn leaves, it became apparent that the telenovela's management does not play around with cast members who are deemed unprofessional.

Reportedly, by IndAfrica, Leleti Khumalo together with Duma Ndlovu and Anant Singh, they have gotten rid of a handful seasoned actors and actresses because they cannot meet with their demands.

Things started off with Mpumelelo Bhulose, who was reported to have been booted from Uzalo for almost a similar reason. However, when Bhulose joined Imbewu, it was going well at first until he started to bite more than he can chew. Bhulose was reportedly fired after missing a shoot and on top of that for not seeing eye to eye with Duma Ndlovu, one of the creators.

"His on-screen persona, however, was cut short when he was fired for missing the shoot. His problems grew worse when he fell out with Duma, who also happens to be the drama series’ creator. He was let go in 2018 due to his lack of professionalism" wrote IndAfrica

 After Bhulose's exit, it because quite a trend for the show to let go more actors because of their high-end demands and unprofessionalism. KaMadonsela portrayed by Fundiswa Zwane was next on the chopping block for demanded a salary raise and was later replaced by another equally talented actress, Brenda Mhlongo.

"According to a report from Isolezwe, the actress was fired after asking for a wage raise from her management. She was reportedly uninformed of Fundiswa’s departure, therefore it is believed that her departure surprised her. Brenda Mhlongo will purportedly take her position" wrote IndAfrica

Evidently,  both Phindile Gwala playing Fikile and Tony Kgoroke playing Ngcolosi have been spared mercy hence their return to Imbewu.

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