Zahara on trusting people and money

Zahara thinks that it's her trusting nature that has gotten her so far in life.

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Zahara Money

A trusting personality might be other people's downfall but not for Zahara as she's credited her trusting nature to many of the learning curves in her life.

In an interview with Bridget Masinga on her show, The B Side, Bridget spoke candidly about Zahara's trusting nature. 

Bridget shared a story of the day Zahara willingly gave someone her bank card and pin during a lunch meeting between the two, which lead to the conversation about Zahara's very trusting nature. 


"For me, I don't judge people, for example, if you want to work with me or in my space, I will trust you. So you'll let me down and if you'll let me down then I'll learn that you're not a person to be trusted or I learn that there is a certain way I need to treat our friendship/relationship. Even when collaborating with people, most of my albums, I always collaborate with people that are unknown and then boom after that they'll be known. It's that trust and and also I'm not here for fame or money, I'm here to inspire," says Zahara.


furthering her comment on money, Zahara also made it clear that although has money and values the importance of money, Zahara does not put money above her craft and above God, money works for her and not the other way around.

"Money will never change me, fame will never change me because I didn't come here for that. If I was here for fame or money or just to make hits then that would be a different story. Loliwe was my only single and after that, I came with albums like Phendula, Country Girl & Umgodi. Have you ever seen me just releasing singles? I don't do singles because I'm not trying to test waters, I'm not here for fame, what I do is release albums to tell a story, so if you want to hear my story go get the album."

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Great words Zahara.

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