Zodwa Reckons Her Influence Will Work Wonders In Politics

Zodwa the politician!

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Zodwa Wabantu is bossing up and trying to create multiple streams of income for herself. The pandemic has forced many artists to tap into their creative sides and see how else can they make a living.

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She started off as an exotic dancer then slowly built her brand. We first saw the birth of her very own fragrance called Touchable Day and Touchable Night. Under her line, she then added Wabantu Lipstick and Zodwa Wabantu Petroleum jelly.

"Zodwa Wabantu is an ordinary person who's proved she can do extraordinary things. With these fragrances I hope to inspire scores of women to have everything they want regardless of who they are or where they come from," said the business woman.

Now, she has yet again tapped into her entrepreneurial side with the introduction of Zodwa Wabantu Eggs which is part of her poultry business. This was her way of being able to pay her bills when she could not afford to.

Now, in another shocking move, Zodwa has decided to become a politician. The socialite has joined Kenny Kunene’s political party called Patriotic Alliance (PA) last month. Advocating for the party, she said it is the only one that actually matters.

In a statement released by the political party Patriotic Alliance, Zodwa takes it back to her roots of being a township girl, “Remember, I’m a township girl and it breaks my heart to see the misery that people in the townships go through despite them voting in every election since our democratic dispensation in 1994. I am both excited and scared about repositioning myself in this matter. But where things stand right now, I am prepared to be all over, to meet people and campaign.”

“I am convinced the PA is introducing a new form of politics which is truly people-oriented. Naturally, most people fear change, but why cling to a political party that has done nothing for you and has demonstrated over and over again that its leaders, and not the people, come first?” she adds. 

Speaking to IOL, she explained why she decided to join politics, saying the party resonates with her brand which is working with people. “For the longest time there’s been this unknown fear of talking about politics because we might not know enough about it. But the truth is, because we are young, we are fresh. We are able to bring the voice of the youth to the fore, while also showing respect to those who are already in power, some respect for all that has been achieved thus far,” she says.

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