Twitter audio card hand picks K.O

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

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Is there anything that the Casthtime Life team is not dabbling into lately? If its not music its fashion and if its not fashion its now social media strategies.






Just moments ago ZAlebs was informed that K.O's new single Son Of A Gun will be audible on Twitter via iOS and Android phones with a single tap. This is made possible by Twitter's new application known as audio card. 

Cashtime Life CEO - Thabiso Khati further explained to us what this new Twitter audio card entails.

"Twitter is launching this new audio card in partnership with third-party streaming services; the first partner for streaming on Twitter is SoundCloud. Twitter's audio card allows you to listen to podcasts, music and other types of audio content via this new experience and for the launch phase Twitter has partnered with a select number of organisations, artists and taste makers across the world." 

K.O alongside the likes of Coldplay and David Guetta is amongst the few artists who are given this great opportunity to showcase his talents on the social media platform.

Today K.O will release Son Of A Gun the official follow up single to Caracara via audio card on Twitter using the @Cashtimelife handle. 'Son Of A Gun' is the third official and launch single of K.O's highly anticipated album, Skhanda Republic.


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