Unathi In Heated Exchange With Fan Over Selfie


By  | Nov 29, 2020, 02:49 PM  | Unathi Nkayi 

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Idol’s judge Unathi Nkayi has found herself at the in a drama filled encounter with Zimbabweansocialite Zuva "Urban Tete" Habane after Unathi refused to take a selfie with her. Apparently Zuva spotted Unathi at an event and went to ask for a selfie. 

Unathi refused to take the self citing that Zuva came up to her without a face mask and expected to interact with the singer without observing social distancing protocol. 

Zuva commented on Unathi's page saying:

"Hello, I saw you earlier today at the Maslow hotel. You refused to take a picture with me because I was not wearing a mask. Completely understandable I would probably do the same but not in a dismissive manner. You pretended to be polite by saying "have a wonderful evening"

I just wanted to say don't use that line when you have just brushed someone off especially those who are polite to you and adore you. It comes off as sarcastic anyways have a jolly. See you on top."

Unathi wrote the following response to Zuva:

"Zuva Habane I'm sorry I'm not perfect. I'm sorry I have never dealt with a pandemic before and I'm sorry I did not respond the way you expected me to. My guests said you would take offence despite the fact that you were putting my life and theirs in danger. We watched you walk around the hotel bar with no mask kissing your partner, moving from place to place then think it's okay to come to us. They said you would do this. I have TWO children at home, parents I adore and a live music show every week that I cannot miss. Next time you point a finger REMEMBER that THREE are pointing back at you."

Unathi took screenshots of the initial exchange and posted them with the following caption: 

"Things have changed and they have changed forever and we will all react differently because of our personal journeys and responsibilities. I am noticing an increased tension building with people I have never met who want to engage with me and get offended if I decline when they are not wearing masks in public places. This is the new norm and it is going to be like this for a while. Daily, because I come from the EC, which is terribly affected we are receiving news of people dying. As I speak I must return there tomorrow to bury my gran. My friends are losing their parents, siblings and colleagues and this is hitting all of us HARD. I guess this is my disclaimer........call me ANYTHING you want under the sun. If you’re NOT wearing a mask.......don’t expect ANYTHING from ME. I will not put my children or parents’ lives in danger. I imagine having to miss the live shows on Idols because I wasn’t vigilant. I can’t 

Zuva responded by saying:

"Sis you weren’t wearing a mask, No one was but that’s beside the point. I feel you handled Everything in a dismissive manner, Maybe you didn’t feel like it I have days like that too. I adore you hence I was polite I just didn’t know this other side of you. Be nice to everyone, some of them even pray for you. That’s all I’m saying, have a nice day."
Bathong! All this because of a selfie?!

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