Noma on being wiser about the industry

Noma on being wiser about the industry

Jan 22, 2019, 10:23 AM

She's been on a musical hiatus for a minute, but all has not been in vain.

Noma Khumalo stepped into our lives back in 2016 after winning the hearts of the nation while competing on Idols SA.

Her journey on the show was not an easy one, but she rose above the challenges and became a victor by grabbing the title as the winner of the 12th season of the singing competition.

However, it seems as though Noma's presence within the music industry has been quite soft. Even though she released her debut album, Joy, immediately after winning Idols, the album, unfortunately, did not make much noise within the market.

Speaking to Isolezwe, Noma explained that after winning the show she had been pressured to release her debut album as soon as possible, which did not offer her the leisure of taking the time to work on the album properly.  Everything about her debut album was rushed.

But ever since winning Idols SA, Noma shared that she's become wiser about how the music industry works, and that she believes it is high time she gives her supporters some new music. She told the publication: 

"I took a break and studied the music industry under the new music label that I'm signed to. At first, it was my manager who did everything, but now I'm learning the ropes of how things are done in this industry."

We're glad to see that Noma is taking the initiative of driving her own career in this cut-throat business. Usually when you let others take control of your affairs in such an industry, you tend to be the one that ends up getting burned in more ways than one.

Noma further told Isolezwe that her second album might be released either in the month of May or June.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@nomz.xolo
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Zee Dladla

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