Oscar's anger issues revealed in Vanity Fair

Oscar's anger issues revealed in Vanity Fair

May 20, 2013, 11:23 AM

Vanity Fair has issued the latest article into the angry world of Oscar Pistorius, as we anxiously await for his appearance back in court this coming June.

The article previews some interviews done with fellow athletes and day to day people who’ve witnessed Oscar’s violent tantrums.  In the article Graeme Joffe, a sports writer, explains how everyone denied how Pistorius was a time bomb ready to explode anytime.

“No-one knew the real Oscar – no one wanted to dig deeper,” he said

“In 2011 he stormed out of an interview with the BBC when they asked him if, in his fight to run with able-bodied athletes, he had become ‘an inconvenient embarrassment’ to the International Association of Athletics Federations.  At that age, 24, to behave like that, something was bubbling underneath.  I think what you will find coming out in the trial is more of the obsessive, aggressive nature of Oscar Pistorius, which the world never knew.  In hindsight, I saw the warning signs.  No one was mentoring this guy.  There was denial that anything was wrong.”

O’Sullivan, another sports journalist had interviewed one of Oscar's room-mates during the London Olympic Games.

O’Sullivan:  “What is it like to sleep in the same room with a superstar?” 

Room-mate: ‘’I moved out.  Oscar is always shouting at people on the phone.’’

The Vanity Fair article also mentions how training sessions with Pistorius were nothing short of a nightmare. The article reads: 

“In subsequent training sessions at a gym, his swearing would astonish the mothers and children, who were also using the gym.  He would storm out of the gym midway through workout. He would be surly rude. It seemed as though he survived on energy drinks and caffeine pills.”

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