Rachel Kolisi: I'm Back B****s

Rachel Kolisi: I'm Back B****s

Apr 03, 2019, 07:30 AM

Our favourite influencer and Rugby WAG, Rachel Kolisi is back on Instagram after a brief hiatus from the image sharing platform. The mother of two (and guardian of four) took some much needed time away after she clashed with Marike Botha and 3/4 of black Twitter last month over the unwanted attention her husband was receiving.

Well, unwanted by her at least - we're not sure how Siya feels about it all!

Anyways, back to Mrs Kolisi. It's  been a turbulent few weeks for the fitness guru. The fallout to her altercation with Marike wasn't what she'd hoped. Instead of supporting her calls for women to leave her husband alone, Rachel was bullied by Twitter users who mocked her for being insecure. She retaliated by leaking Marike's "nudes" (alleging that she had sent them to her hubby, Siya) before threatening the rest of the country.

The backlash to her outburst was immense and in order to protect her sanity, Rachel was forced to delete her Instagram page. At least temporarily.

Now that the noise has died down and the dust has settled, Rachel Kolisi has made a quiet return to Instagram and it's almost as if nothing has happened. The socialite took it back to the beach with a sunny picture taken from the sandy shores of the mother city and we couldn't help but be a little bit happy for her.

Instagram embed

Regardless of what you think of Rachel, nobody should live in constant tension. Instead, Rachel appears to have attained a new-found sense of peace and if nothing else, we hope it lasts a while.

Marike, in the meanwhile, is still talking about the incident and sharing her side of the story.

Do you think it's time to let all of this go and let the Kolisis be? Or will Rachel Kolisi find herself trending again at some point this year?

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Tinashe Venge

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