Tie it up well! The evolution of the doek

Tie it up well! The evolution of the doek

Sep 27, 2018, 05:01 PM

Nomzamo Mbatha plans to wear a Zulu Love Letter To The World

Gone are the days when a doek was perceived as a conservative piece of clothing.

Our matriarchal figures in our society have always revered stationed spaces where one can rock a doek.  Those spaces include, funerals, visitations to the in-laws, or simply just to indicate that one is a married woman.

Nomzamo Mbatha

The passing of Mama Winnie Madikizela – Mandela has spawned an interesting trajectory in regards to various style interpretation of the doek. In recent times there has been an impressive batch of women that have given the conventional rule of the doek a duck; these women consider this iconic head scarf as just that –a head scarf.

There is zero emotion tied to the reinvention of the doek none whatsoever. However in commemoration of the late political stalwart, Winnie Madikizela – Mandela, today’s write up is solely dedicated to her as she would have turned 82 years old. Mama Winnie’s radical fashion style became an inspiration to women of all ages especially her versatility in styles and prints when rocking those doeks. Below is a compilation of a select few South African female ZAlebs that have since taken a page from Mama Winnie’s style book.
Zoleka Mandela has become an inspiration to women around the world; however this cancer survivor has always maintained that her grandmother still remains her constant inspiration both in style and many other ways. Zoleka often refers to her grandmother as her “number one”. :

The sultry actress is actually named after Mama Winnie. The two grew quite close to each other during Mama’s Winnie waking life. Nomzamo has also donned a doek in her remembrance and has continued to rock the iconic head scarf with various modern and contemporary outfits.

Pearl Thusi knows how to make the “doek look”, seem so effortless. The media personality stays slaying the doek game.

Nandi's Madida's fashion sense is always on point. The TV host and fashion designer is never one to shy away from taking style risks, as she has donned a doek in her style timeline.

DJ Zinhle is on her way up to becoming a style icon. Her doek game is on a 100.

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