What we love about Mmabatho Montsho

What we love about Mmabatho Montsho

Jun 14, 2017, 12:43 PM


We first got introduced to Mmabatho Montsho as a young Lumka Dlomo on Generations.

It was not only her beauty that caught our attention but also her love for the arts in general.

Mmabatho is not really a person who considers herself a celebrity and tends to shy away from the spotlight, especially if it involves her private life.

But when it comes to filmmaking and the arts in general she can go on and on about her favourite films, sculptures and more

Here's why we're crushing on Mmabatho so much:

We recently found out that she's quite good at drawing sketches.

No guys, she's pretty good.

:-( Artist: Me

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Apart from acting, one other thing Mmabatho takes seriously is being a director. Guiding actors on set and having them trust her with their talent is something she truly appreciates and loves.


Especially when it comes to up and coming actors and actresess.

Oh would you look at that, she's also quite the sculptor.

Between 2015 and 2016, Mmabatho released a series of videos on YouTube which opened a dialogue amongst women about sex and if African women have been truly liberated when it comes to them being perceived as sexual beings.

For the ladies out there, we suggest you watch these videos Mmabatho created. This would be a great documentary to air on television during women's month.

Mmabatho for President!

The actress also still keeps in touch with some of her old cast members. Remember Duke from Backstage?

Stan moment! Getting to work with the one and only Carlo Radebe #setlife #directorslife #storytellers #pepepepeeeeeeeeh

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Lastly, after all these years, we're still obsessed over Mmabatho's afro-game.


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@monthsotheblack

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Zee Dladla

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