Where are they now - Vuzu's Cream Cartel

Where are they now - Vuzu's Cream Cartel

Sep 05, 2017, 12:21 PM

Vuzu's cream cartel

Back in '09, 2 years after the introduction of DSTV's revamped youth channel Vuzu, we were introduced to a crazy, colourful bunch of Joburgers collectively known as the "Cream Cartel."

The reality show followed the lives of the creative quartet, Abiah, Mome, Guy and Choc as they navigated their way through their days as Joburg "creatives."

Described as being "about fashion, about Africa, it’s straight-up street" in a statement released by Vuzu prior to the show's debut, the aim of the show was to flip the script on your thoughts of the “typical black Joburger” and what it is to be a "fashion player." 

It has been 8 years so we did a bit of stalking to see what they're up to now. 

choc cream cartel vuzu

Back then, Choc was described as "a hardcore, streetwise, rule-breaking, Superman-adoring, skating, Japan-loving, Chocolate-eating loudmouth who is only kept in line by the odd klap from his ‘big sister’, Mome."

Stilo Magolide

These days, he's a rapper/ entertainer who goes by the moniker Stilo Magolide. He recently dropped the visuals to accompany his album lead single called “Sefolosha”.

The song is described by Magolide's camp as rich with elements of soul trap and a 2190 swang that only Magolide can pull off. According to the camp, the video attributes Tropicana aesthetics, which is a theme that has always been in Stilo Magolide’s vibe as an artist and a brand and you can watch it here.

Mome was described as "the leopard print-loving female version of Choc." It was clear from the get-go that Mome does not take nonsense and she is all about the business. 

mome cream cartel

Mrs. Mome Nale Mahlangu has since married comedian Mongezi 'Tol a$$ Mo' Ngcobondwane and continued the reality TV steez with him for their show Mo Love on Vuzu. She currently works as a fashion stylist and designer and co-owns Shuga Binga Boo Productions with Mo.

Mome Nale
Abiah cream cartel

Arguably everyone's fave, Abiah was described as the creative member of the Cartel (and he apparently had a crush on Choc back in the day). 

"A bit of a diva, something of a poser and always sporting a mad dress sense, Abiah loves the Sandton-style high life, mulling over his latest inspiration whilst sipping Rooibos or lattes."

team habitat win a home sabc 3

These days, Abaih is competing on the SABC 3 show, 'Win a Home' as part of Team Habitat where he competes in weekly design challenges to bring the grand prize of a R3M home to life.

guy cream cartel

Although Abiah was described as the team's Diva, those who watched the show can agree that Guy was the bigger diva. 

Described as the “prim and proper" one of the crew, Guy had a penchant for big words, a love of animals and an affinity for designing doggie attire for Spoonki (his vegetarian dog). His personality quirks often found viewers questioning his sexuality.

lebo guy ndlovu

Like Mome, Ndlovu has undergone quite the glo' up and now goes by his full name, Lebohang Guy Ndlovu. He has gone over to the corporate side (which is often viewed as the dark side by creative types) to work as a brand manager for a major company and is simultaneously concluding a master’s degree at Wits Business School.

lebo guy ndlovu

Main image credit: webaddict.co.za

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Kay Tatyana Selisho

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