"Ambitiouz Entertainment Is A Sh*tty Record Label"- Saudi

He can't lie about Facts!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM 

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Controversial recording label Ambitiouz Entertainment has seen many of it's artists departing from the label.

Musicians have expressed their dissatisfaction with the label and has been under fire for not treating their artists right.

After Emtee's departure from the label, along many others, Saudi showed him immense support however he remained with the label. Now, he has hinted at also being dissatisfied with the label by stating how 'sh**ty the label is.

A Twitter user tweeted that the rapper once said that 'Ambitiouz was sh**ty label'. The Abangani hitmaker confirmed this statement by agreeing to the tweet, discrediting the record label. He also went on to acknowledge what it did for him as an artist in the come up.

Shockingly, he went on to add that the label was 'full of f**ks.'

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