#BBMzansi: Themba Is Voted Head of House By Majority Housemates

He asked Libo to be his Deputy Head of House for the week

By  | Mar 15, 2022, 01:17 PM 

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The excitement of Sunday’s Live Eviction show saw not one, but two housemates evicted from Big Brother Mzansi. In an exciting turn of events the housemates got to vote for their Head of House, Themba, who in turn asked Libo to be his Deputy Head of House for the week.

The housemates were called into the diary room one at a time to nominate two individuals to be Head of House and give a reason as to why they are nominating them. Five of the eight remaining housemates voted Themba in mentioning their belief in his potential of leading them well and how he is being underestimated as a strong contender in the competition.
After the process was done Biggie announced Themba as the new Head of House. Themba selected Libo to be his deputy Head of House, granting him immunity from standing eviction for the third week running and firming his chances of leading the cutthroat race towards the R2-million prize.
“It’s hectic bro - it’s top 8!”
Just as the housemates thought all was settled, each person was individually called into the Games Arena to play the Ultimate Veto Power Game Play which offers hope of certain security in their time of need. Themba, Sis Tamara, Thato, and Tulz made it to the next round where they will battle it out for the prize. Though there will not be an Eviction Show this Sunday, the results of the challenge will be played live instead, offering viewers a glimpse into who may be the last housemate standing.

This past Sunday, Venus and Nale got evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi house, leaving everyone shook. Speaking to Lawrence Maleka, Nale said she saw it coming.

“Yes. I felt too peaceful the whole week, weirdly calm. I’ve been in the Big Brother house for seven weeks, that was the first time where I felt so at ease. I knew that there was a shock that’s coming.” 
When asked about her in-house romances with B.U. and Themba, and who of the two she might choose to be with, she said: “I’ll let time tell. I don’t know the versions of themselves outside of the house. I played my game; I don’t know how they played theirs.”

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