Blackbyrd reveal gripping truths about life in girlbands

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | BlackByrd 

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During a revealing video interview with Channel24, local girlband, Blackbyrd, sat down and spoke quite openly about what it's like to be part of a modern girl band. The singers, who have charmed audiences around the country with hits such as All For Me, spoke about life inside the band, as well as the competition with their male counterparts in the industry. 

Tamryn, One third of the Blackbyrd trio, makes it clear that despite being in a male dominated industry, the girls are not intimidated by anything. She says to Channel24, "We can do anything. We living in a time where women are liberal and independent and we're really enjoying the success that we're achieving as a band. We get wonderful responses from fans, from other women, I think it's a good thing too." 

It's not always fun and games in the band, there are equally trying times. "Like any loving relationship we don't always get along. Sometimes we want to scratch each others eyes out" 

"We deal with it with silence. Sometimes it helps to just have a good silent moment. You end up seeing everyone in a different part of the room- but it doesn't last long". 

You can catch the video with the full interview below, courtesy of Channel24CT.


Despite the challenges they face, which include battling stereotypes and trying to build a bigger name for themselves, the ladies are upbeat about their progress in the few years in which they've been on the mainstream circuit, and there's no reason why they can't catapult themselves to the head of South African pop music.

While many talk about the return of the boyband (One Direction being the flagship name) we shouldn't forget that girlbands have seen a resurgance overseas too, with the likes of Little Mix, 5th Harmony and Cimorelli getting plenty of airtime. Blackbyrd have all the right ingredients to match the success of such bands; strong team chemistry, positive attitudes and of course, amazing talent and melodic voices. We hope to see them at the helm of local music for a long time to come. 

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