Blxckie Refuses To Catch Smoke From A YouTube Rapper

He put him on blast by sharing his number on social media

By  | Mar 30, 2022, 04:57 PM 

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Local Hip Hop star and vocalist Blxckie is definitely no stranger to controversy. Whether he is the one causing havoc or getting dissed on social media, Blxckie always has a quick clap back on standby and that is why we all love him and his shady humor.

Yesterday he, alongside many popular rappers caught smoke from a local YouTuber and emerging Social Media rapper, Ghost Hlubi who shared a music video of his diss track titled “Big Time Shl’appa”. In this music video that has since pulled in over 90K views on YouTube, the self-proclaimed “hottest rapper” is seen and heard calling out and dissing some popular local rappers including A-Reece, Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, Kwesta, Costa Titch, Lucasraps, The Big Hash and Blxckie.

This made Ghost Hlubi trend for a whole day yesterday on Twitter but not for any good reason as social media users called him everything from an actor, SoundCloud rapper, clout chaser to someone suffering from a mid-life crisis.

One user shared that their day was going well until they came across the diss track and another one took a jab at the video vixens in Ghost Hlubi’s diss track suggesting that they are desperate and without class.

Ghost Hlubi, whose real name is Mlungisi in the song starts off by dissing Lucasrap, claiming that all his flows are “whack” and adding that he is bigger than Big Hash. He furthermore goes on to have a clap at Cassper Nyovest with the line, “Cassper can train all he wants but he ain’t got no punches.” He then went on to diss every other popular South African rapper under the sun but the Twitter streets were not really impressed with his diss track.

Although many of the other rappers chose to turn a blind eye to this, Blxckie, as expected, dragged Ghost Hlubi in true Blxckie nature, by uploading his cell phone numbers on Facebook, mentioning his real name, and urging followers to blow up his phone.

This jab was followed by a circulation of images of Ghost Hlubi purchasing fake Nike Air Forces somewhere in Johannesburg CBD.

Many other people also called him out for dissing Blxckie’s rapping skills and then using his beat in the same breath. Some even went as far as advising Blxckie to sue the YouTuber to which he never entertained.

Ghost Hlubi was first made popular by his YouTube skits and pranks which have also garnered him over 130K followers on Instagram and a little over 240K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The only person who seemed to have Ghost Hlubi’s back other than the video vixen was his girlfriend who tweeted a video of her jamming to the diss track and seemingly enjoying it. Naturally, tweeps also took jabs at her claiming that she’s an actor that does so much to please her boyfriend.

Watch the diss track below and make your own opinion on whether or not it is good or if Ghost Hlubi deserved the backlash he received from uploading it.
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