Boity Thuli: We’re all spiritual beings

Boity Thulo opens up about her spiritual journey.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo 

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Boity Thulo

We all practise different forms of spirituality and Boity is one of the few celebrities who openly speak about their beliefs.

A couple of months ago, Boity took to Instagram to reveal the journey that she took to becoming a traditional healer. Speaking to Zalebs, she opened up about why she let the world into her journey.

“I always share the things that are most special and close to my heart and I felt like sharing this was a way to make people who are going through this comfortable and for them to know that there is no shame in it and that if that's the path that you’re called upon, you should follow it wholeheartedly and openly." She said.

Boity traditional healer

Boity then went on to add that any spiritual journey should not be shunned upon, “we’re all spiritual beings, we shouldn’t be ashamed of that, we shouldn’t be ashamed of our spiritual journeys cause that’s the core of who we are,” she explained.

The media personality continues to use her platform to inspire young and old South Africans going through the same path and many of them have testified on her social media pages.

“It feels good that people were inspired and happy about it, because I feel like it’s still such a taboo subject. I think it’s something that should be celebrated because we all follow different spiritual journeys and everyone should be allowed to follow whatever they want to follow” she said

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