Bongo Maffin on maintaining longevity: 'To stay on top is not easy'

They’re back and ready to bless us with new music, but it hasn't been easy.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Bongo Maffin 

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When Oskido announced that Kalawa Jazmee was partnering with Bongo Maffin for their next album, I couldn't help but feel extremely excited about this partnership as the musical collaboration between the group and Kalawa Jazmee has always been a successful one.

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Although Bongo Maffin has not given fans a full album since 2005, it doesn't feel as though the group has been M.I.A from the music scene. Part of that reason is that all four of the group members have evolved into other facets of their careers that have seemingly provided them with many different opportunities within the entertainment industry. This is part of the reason why the group has managed to sustain longevity in the industry not only as just Bongo Maffin, but also as individual artists. 

During an interview on Trans Africa Radio, the group made it clear that staying on top of the game was never a walk in the park and that they had to build this Bongo Maffin brand from the ground up, and ensure that it was a strong brand that the fans could identify with even though it had gone through many changes.

"To stay on top is not easy. You have to create a brand, a strong brand... So that even if the product changes people will still come back to you because they know the brand remains the same," said Stoan.

Adding onto Stoan's comment, Speedy shared that it was also important for them to diversify their talent to ensure that they're still in the game. This makes sense because if you look at each member and their solo careers respectively, they've been doing extremely well for themselves.

Speedy regularly travels back and forth from South Africa to America as he's managed to form a strong bond and musical relationship with the members of Dru Hill.

Stoan has successfully positioned himself as not only a musician, but also as a seasoned television presenter, MC and radio broadcaster.

Whereas Thandiswa continues to be one of the most influential musicians in the country, as she uses her craft to challenge and tackle social issues that affect the youth and South African citizens as a whole.

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The same applies for Jah Seed, who has used his craft as a musician to constantly question or engage his fans about what is happening in and around their communities. 

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