Is RHODurban Slee Ndlovu In Her Villain Era?

This comes after her spilling the beans to Mbali Ngiba who has since beefed with Nonku Williams

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While scores of viewers have applauded the Real Housewives of Durban star Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba for finally coming to life. There has been mixed emotions for co-star Slee Ndlovu, who has earned herself a villain badge.

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For several episodes since the show commenced, the newest housewife Slee Ndlovu has been praised for carrying for show. Her character, poise and maturity has been dubbed as a breath of fresh air. However, it appears there has been a change of hearts from viewers where Ndlovu is concerned.

As another rumour is already swirling on social media that Ndlovu allegedly dated her late aunt's husband for six years. Which could also suggest that the same ex husband is the one she left her kids for during the six years of their marriage.

"This is the same Slee that allegedly dated her late Aunts husband and left her kids for 6 years for. Slee being a snake doesn't surprise me. I believe Calvin ka Jojo about the rich man comment that Slee said. #RHODurban" wrote Loved
A robust discussion has sparked as viewers commenced discussing Slee Ndlovu for allegedly marrying her late aunt's husband.

"Kodwa ke noSandile washela umshana ka Late wife?" wrote Mpume
"Slee’s ex husband is her late Aunts husband???" wrote Lungile
"Yeah" wrote Loved
Ndlovu has been called a snake who has finally earned herself the villain badge. Following her sit down with co-star Mbali Ngiba where wine glasses were poured in the sink, to Mbali lashing out at Nonku Williams after learning what Slee told her. Evidently, Slee Ndlovu's good girl days are finally over as she continues to be messy by day as viewers have mentioned.

"Are our eyes open enough to see that Slee is the reason why everyone has become so evil towards Nonku #RHODurban" wrote Bethe Hlolo
"Slee was honestly reciprocating Nonku’s energy. Nonku didn’t hesitate to throw her under the bus on the FIRST episode, and you guys expect her to be the bigger person? Slee owes her zero loyalty pls! #RHODurban" wrote Cannot Respire
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