Connie Ferguson's Work Ethic Remains Unmatched

Please add chairperson to her name!

By  | Mar 24, 2022, 11:38 AM 

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A true epitome of a hard-working woman alive is Connie Ferguson. The actress, TV producer and media mogul has just bagged yet another job title as she joins the PINK ODI FUND family.

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This time around our Connie Ferguson has partnered with the Lions Cricket and Cricket South Africa as the newly appointed Chairperson for the cancer foundation. Connie's duties within this Non-Profit Organization are advocacy against cancer and provide support and education where breast cancer is concerned.

“Mrs. Connie Ferguson will play a pivotal role in advancing the achievement of the Non-Profit Organizations (NGO) objectives including the promotion of breast cancer awareness, dispelling various preconceived myths around breast cancer across all gender and support the nominated fund recipient to provide breast cancer health care services and research” wrote Lions Cricket

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