Connie Ferguson's Many Talents

The multitalented star keeps surprising us!

By  | Apr 14, 2022, 05:33 PM  | Connie Ferguson 

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In 2021, Connie Ferguson's life changed drastically when she lost her filmmaker husband Shona Ferguson, and since then, the star has been very open about her healing journey.

Sometimes, it is easy for her to go about her day-to-day duties but sometimes, she gets overcome by grief. On her first valentine's day without Shona, the producer took to her Instagram to wish her followers well on the day and shared a picture of her and her late hubby that had been circling around the internet as 'couple goals' for years.

However, it is not all gloom for the thespian, a couple of days ago, Connie took to her Instagram to take part in the #OneLegChallenge. Taking to the social media platform, she hilariously wrote, "Someone take my phone away from me! I couldn’t resist! I should have auditioned for Sarafina!🤞🏾😂❤️,"

Can you imagine how even more iconic Sarafina would have been with Connie?

Take a look at the impressive video below:

This is not the first time Connie has uncovered a hidden skill, in 2017, the beauty shocked a lot of her fans when she posted a video of herself rapping. Fans were genuinely shocked at how good her flow was, she knew the lyrics from beginning to end. Don't remember? Watch the video below:

Connie constantly surprises her fans with her hidden talents, a few days ago, the mom of two took to Instagram to share a video of her, her sister, and her daughters dancing to hip-hop music.
Upon seeing the video, many of her followers flooded her comments giving her compliments about how fit and strong she is. Connie is not the only strong one in her family, her daughters have also shown a lot of courage during this tough time.

In 2021, her daughter Lesedi Matsunyane showed incredible strength when she received the Editor’s Special Tribute Award at the GQ MOTY 2021 awards on behalf of her late father. Taking to Instagram, the media personality shared a touching tribute," I liked it better when you were our angel on earth; at least I could nag you on if you’d eaten yet or find you sitting weirdly on the couch, or catch you up on everything MCU related," she wrote.

She then went on to express how there are a lot of unanswered questions," the more time that passes, the more I feel like I left too many things unsaid. The more I question whether I showed my love for you enough, and regret the hugs I didn’t give or take. I also question if I made you proud then and I’m making you proud now. I’m trying. Don’t know if I’m succeeding," she wrote in part

In conclusion, she wrote, " It’s not just 4 months since we lost you. It’s also your 20 year anniversary with Ma @connie_ferguson. I cannot imagine how bittersweet today is and I’m honestly heartbroken just thinking about it. Please be with her today. She misses you more than words can describe. We all do."
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