Dj Tira Cries Out To The President

Itโ€™s time they opened the gates

By  | Feb 10, 2022, 06:47 PM 

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Music producer and musician Mthokozisi Khathi known as Dj Tira or Makoya Bearings poured out his heart to President Cyril Ramaphosa in a video uploaded on Twitter.
In this video Dj Tira is asking President Ramaphosa to ease the lockdown restrictions a little bit as they are dying of hunger.

Dj Tira said in his video: โ€œWe are suffering as artists and event organisers. When is the country opening? We have limitations in terms of numbers. We can only host 2000 people, which end up being 1500 as there are services providers like technicians, suppliers and promo girls. Everyone that works at the event cannot be sold a ticket."

Makoya continued to say that they are used to hosting about 15 000 to 20 000 people. We believe he was referring to the Fact Durban Rocks event, as it is the Durbanโ€™s biggest concert around December. Last year, due to the strict COVID-19 restrictions, the concert happened virtual.

Dj Tira said they were hungry. The musician reminded the president that they use to video call each other and hopefully President Ramaphosa still remembers him.
A follower responded: "Rams, we used to video call each other. Ziyakhala ke manje (its happening).โ€
Another follower asked since they video call each other, why is he telling them all these things. He said he remembers them being friend during the vaccine times.

โ€œYazi niyaxaka mfoka Tira, you guys were video calling each other, manje thina singenaphi? Awumfoneli ngani. Yazi ngiyakukhumbula uphusha iVaccine, ningoBhululu kodwa akengithule.โ€
Dj Tira was once called a vaccine influencer because he was encouraging people to get vaccinated. Makoya denied the rumours to a point he issued a cash prize of R10 000 to anyone who was going to prove he was paid by the government to promote it.

"If anyone can bring proof that I got paid for tweeting about the vaccine, I will pay you R10, 000 plus all the money you say I got as this is a "paid promo,โ€ he said.

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Another follower commented ,โ€But Malume some of you'll are already hosting more than that. I have been observing events since level 1 started and no one is following the regulations anymore.โ€

Dj Tira commented, โ€œThey are hungry, they trying to earn a living kubi (itโ€™s hard).โ€
There were those who were dragging him for being hungry in a G Wagon. Someone pointed out we lost Kuli today and Dj Tira was worried about events.
It is a sad day indeed in South Africa as we mourn the loss of Media Personality and Journalist Kuli Roberts who sadly passed away yesterday, 9 October in Johannesburg. May Kuli's soul rest in external peace.

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