A-Reece And MashBeatz Rap Beef Intensifies

"Mash has been producing garbage for two years"

By  | Dec 10, 2021, 08:18 PM  | A-Reece  | Drama

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MashBeatz has secured his place as one of Mzansi’s favourite producers. And although this affords him some measure of love from his fans, he is not immune to the hate that can result from rap beef, as he has learned recently. 

Earlier on in the year, the musician was suspected of having beef with A-Reece, who has been his long term music collaborator and mentor. The two have multiple songs together, and have long been regarded as one of the best hip hop duos in the country every time they work together. 
The “beef” was first noticed when MashBeatz was found to have unfollowed A-Reece on both Twitter and Instagram, which many fans felt signalled bad blood. They were swift to express disapproval of the move, as they were convinced that while A-Reece’s career would certainly survive such a split, MashBeatz’s career would flop if he broke up with A-Reece. 

A-Reece recently released a new album, which has been receiving nothing but rave reviews across Mzansi. It is obvious the man is considered a musical genius, so it was no surprise that the new album was received so well. 
However, MashBeatz has come forth with his opinion on the album, and it is not winning him any favours with the public. He said he thought the album was trash, which, as you can guess, immediately set A-Reece’s fans baying for his blood. 

In one swift move of his typing fingers, he has lost the respect of half of the people who loved his music, as well as all his social media followers who love A-Reece. They are also not sparing him the backlash, and they have reminded him that the only reason they even know his name is because A-Reece put him on. 

Slik Talk, the latest celebrity-hate sensation, has chosen to add his voice to the mass of hate that Mash is getting. He went on his podcast to trash Mash, saying he shouldn’t have the audacity to belittle A-Reece when he has only put out trash music for the past two years. 
He further called the producer ungrateful. After everything A-Reece has done for him, this is no way to pay back the kindness. 
However, the matter has split the timeline in two. Even some A-Reece fans think that the new album could have been better. While they don’t take issue with his rapping on the album, they think its production was terrible, and that he needs to figure out his production situation before his career goes down the drain. 
Either way, the two should find a way to settle this beef in a more amicable way. As Mash said, this is real life that should not be reduced to some trendy rap beef for entertainment. Plus fans have grown to love the two together, and think they still have a long way to go, so neither of them should jeopardise their careers through petty beef.

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