AKA's Beam Group responds to Xenophobia allegations

This is the first time the company has officially addressed allegations made by Raphael Benza 

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AKA's Beam Group responds to Xenophobia allegations

On Tuesday, 31 October 2017, AKA’s former manager, Raphael Benza of VTH Season, accused the rap artist’s new business partner Prince Nyembe of being Xenophobic following a dispute the pair had via e-mail. 

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BEAM Group (which was founded by Prince Nyembe and Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes) has now come forward to slam Benza's allegations stating that "the communication context shared [by Vth Season] is one sided and not conclusive of Mr. Benza’s emails towards the BEAM Group." They have also alleged that the statements made by Nyembe and shared by Vth Season were taken out of context. 

AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, took ownership of his brand management in 2017 with his business partner Prince Nyembe who has assisted in changing and reshaping his career financially.  The split between the rapper and his former manager was agreed upon as amicable, however has resulted in legal encounters between the two companies.  

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The BEAM Group are legally bound not to disclose further communication regarding the case between the two companies or emails from VTH Season (Raphael Benza) as the case is still sub judice but would like the public to know "the letter from the Human Rights Commission is yet to be received and upon that will give Mr. Nyembe an opportunity to explain or justify his views."

Speaking to Tshisa Live, AKA revealed "it is important for people to know all sides of the story. The company is out of money. The emails were sent when I was in the process of leaving the company because funds were being mismanaged. Everybody can see that I am better off now than when I was at Vth Season. For me, the timing is questionable. When Vth Season is strapped for cash, they want to bring it to light. I don't understand."

He also went on to add, "I don't owe Vth Season any money. Vth Season owes me money. Vth Season was floating their entire company on me. I was the only artist that really ever made them money." 

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