Ayanda Ncwane Fishing For Fame?

Ayanda "pretended" to not know this big American rapper

By  | Jan 10, 2022, 11:57 AM  | Ayanda Ncwane  | Drama

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Ayanda Ncwane's recent stunt had people convinced that she is fishing for fame. The music executive is enjoying some quality time in Accra, Ghana and she had the opportunity to sit down with American rapper Chance The Rapper, but she did not even know who he was.

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Like many of our ZAlebs, Ayanda Ncwane is currently on vacation in Ghana and she had the chance to hang out with Chance The Rapper. But after an hour of conversing with him, it was only then when she realised who he was.

Taking to her social media, Ayanda Ncwane shared this embarrassing blunder with her followers and she only got roasted for it. "Only an hour later after chilling with this superstar, I realized it's Chance The Rapper. Church girl in me was so slow."
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Under the post shared by Musa Khawula, tweeps found it hard to believe that Ayanda seriously did not recognise Chance.

"She's not a church girl she's very arrogant and sees herself as better than others," was some of the many comments.
It was not all play, Ayanda was also in the country for work purposes. She was a speaker at the God's Family Thanks Giving event where she was left mesmerized by the immense talent the stars had on the stage.

Ayanda also dominated the headlines when she paid homage to her husband Sfiso Ncwane, 5 years after his death. The gospel icon lost his life due to kidney failure.

"Dear Bab’Ncwane, It’s been 5 years since you left us on this very day. I asked God to give me 5 years to get used living without you Gwamanda (clan name) and He has," she wrote.

Ayanda then spoke about why she has not remarried as yet, "Today I don’t grieve for you, I celebrate you, your powerful legacy, our friendship, our unforgettable love and marriage, you left a bar so high that I’ve taken my time to remarry because I know what a GREAT & enjoyable marriage full of love is supposed to be," she gushed.

"You’ll be so proud of how I raised your beautiful boys, because I know how much you loved the boys & how intentional you were at raising them to be even greater than you. Also I think the wedding vows were written by a group of men and there were no women on board because I disagree with the part that says “till death do us part”, maybe for men but personally I carry you in my heart and spirit for the beautiful memories.

"I know if it was me who passed on by now you’d probably be in your 2nd wife trying to get an amazing wife, best friend & business partner who can at least come close to what I am…. Well the Lord has a great promise for me as per Jeremiah 29:11. … also you should see how beautiful I am right now, you would be going around boasting about me!

"Also you still trending now & again on Twitter, you really lived a purposeful life Gwamanda…..you had a massive life that was compressed to just 37 years. I’ll always love and miss you my darling….. continue to rest in perfect peace," she concluded.

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