Black Coffee opens up about dropping out of school

Black Coffee has come a long way.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Black Coffee  | Drama

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Highlights from Black Coffee's sit-down with Complex UK

Black Coffee is one one of Mzanzi's most celebrated and hardworking artists who strive to change the African narrative.

Black Coffee's career is at its peak, and instead of just buying flashy cars and flying private, he's all about growing and building his community. In a recent interview with Midem, the DJ opens up about turning his misfortune into an opportunity by building an arts academy.

"Fashion, Art, and Music, basically my idea as someone who studied music and I dropped out and I couldn't afford to finish school, but one of the things that I saw that was very unfortunate is, even [the] guys that did finish and were more brilliant than me, they don't have jobs today, they have the degrees but there's no work..."

Black Coffee

Although Black Coffee was not able to finish his music studies, the success of his career speaks volumes, and he wants to teach others about every sphere of the industry they need to know about.

"My idea is to create a school where if you wanna be a singer and you get enrolled in this school, that's what we're gonna teach you...when you sign into the school, you're signing to start your own label, when you finish your first year, you've dropped your first single, second year you drop an EP, third year you drop an album"

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