Zandi Nhlapho Defends Her Relationship With Bob Mabena

She's not letting people dictate how she should mourn her ex fiance

By  | Aug 16, 2020, 08:32 AM  | Bob Mabena  | Drama

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Zandisile Nhlapho is not about to let social media dictate how she should mourn the death of her ex fiance, the late Bob Mabena.

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Her heartfelt tribute message was received with mixed emotions as some people deemed it inappropriate and disrespectful to his wife Eucharist Mabena.

In the Instagram post she wrote, "The passion in this relationship, even way after we parted. We loved too hard & fought just as hard. You could literally cut passion with a knife. I didn’t know these pics existed. I wondered & asked where he got them from but then again, that was Bob for you. “I’m a nigga packed with surprises” he said. I wonder who the photographer was. I still can’t believe it, he’s really really gone?! Wow."

Twitter users were not impressed so they decided to 'called her out' and before she knew it she became a trending topic.

Defending her right to mourn the way she chooses, she said that the two of them never stopped communicating 'passionately' about things and their relationship was still good.

Zandi made it clear that she will not be bullied nor policed into grieving the loss of the father of her child and ex fiance.

"As I said on my post 'we loved hard and fought hard'. That takes a shit load of passion or call it what you will! Tell me one woman or man who has not had that type of relationship unless the child was a one night stand.

"Fact is I will not be bullied, policed or coached into remembering the man as I knew him," she wrote.

She further added that she and Eucharist have a good relationship so trolls should just 'relax.'

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