Ntsiki Compares Bonang To Zodwa Wabantu

She claims that Bonang has no deals besides Woolworths.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

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If you were wondering whether or not Ntsiki Mazwai was throwing shade at Bonang for the Woolworths tweets earlier this week, well Ntsiki's recent tweet spree confirms that yes indeed she was!

Ntsiki is notorious for laying out all her thoughts on twitter and is never bothered by who she offends in the process. The latest rant saw her questioning the origins of black excellence in the country where she mentioned entertainers such a Black Coffee, DJ Sbu, Khanyi Mbau, Zodwa Wabantu and of course Bonang.

Although she mentioned quiet a few ZAlebs, her comments on Bonang's success sparked a huge debate and had people attacking Ntsiki for disrespecting and downsizing Bonang.

Ntsiki claimed that Zodwa's underrated success is because she does not 'feed off' white people. She added that she is the top female in the entertainment industry despite the media not putting her on magazine covers.

The musician is also against clapping hands for a system which does not allow artists who speak on black issues to be labelled as black excellence.
"There is black success it's just usually not the one hyped- the one hyped is making money for whites and put on a pedestal," she tweeted.
Twitter was and still is livid

Ntsiki is set to release her single Qhawe today. So to many people, her rant is seen as a PR stunt to promote her music.

Despite trending and noticeably for negative reasons, Bonang seems unbothered.

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