Boom Shaka Boycotts Lebo Doccie Series

Apparently they were not consulted during pre-production

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It is natural for a project, well in this case a documentary series, to receive negative reviews from industry associates and the general public alike.

In the case of the much-talked-about doccie series on BET, The Lebo Mathosa Story, the production was heavily plagued with bombs (in figurative terms, of course).

Firstly, singer and actress, Kelly Khumalo was originally cast as the legendary Lebo Mathosa. However, reports suggested that she jumped ship halfway through production. There were allegations of the set being unhygienic, of which propelled Kelly to bow out.

In recent interviews, Kelly hasn't gone deep into details surrounding her sudden exit from the show, but she hinted that unprofessionalism was at the helm of her departure.

Secondly, when it was announced that another prolific musician and actress, Keabetswe 'KB' Motsilenyane was set to replace Kelly, many were sceptical - mostly of her grandeur and versatility - which remains an important traits given the character of Lebo Mathosa.
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But as they say, the show goes on.

Episode one received mixed reactions from tbe streets. Most of viewers believed that the doccie lacked many noticeable aspects of Lebo Mathosa's story - especially pertaining to her time at her former group, Boom Shaka.

There were also Tweeps who suggested that perhaps the producers could have gone for another (younger) actress, Thandy Matlaila... BUT it seems most of them have finally warmed up to the doccie as the story keeps unravelling.
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However, the issue still remains,  Boom Shaka has not been given consideration in the doccie.

Sunday Sun reported that the band members of Boom Shaka felt disrespected when the producers of the Lebo Mathosa Story only consulted them after the research and script had been completed.

Speaking to the publication, One third of the group, Junior Sokhele said the following:

"I don't watch the show but from what I have heard the Lebo Mathosa they are portraying is not the one who was my sister.'

I didn't go to the launch because I didn't get the invite. Even if I had received the invite. I wouldn't have gone. I heard someone said they don't want me there.''

Apparently, the Mathosa family wasn't consulted as well. Lebo's brother, Peter Mathosa confirmed the following to the publication:

''The family wasn't consulted. No one came to talk to us about it.''

Upon contact with BET's acting president, Monde Twala, he rubbished the allegations and shared the following:

"Our research team covered many facets of Lebo's life. Consultation was broad and involved her biological mum in the Eastern Cape and the Mathosa family.''

The off-screen drama could easily make for an episode of its own.

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