Bucie sets the record straight

Bucie is doing just fine 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Bucie Nkomo  | Drama

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Seasoned musician Bucie has no bad feelings about being excluded from Drake's remake of her song, Superman.

Many South African's felt bad for her when she was not included in the remake of a song she made popular, people felt that Black Coffee should have included her in the song featuring Drake.

In an interview published on Sowetan, the singer states that she is aware of her fans feelings & that she is not bothered by not being in the song.

 "I love my country. South Africans are beautiful and crazy. My take is from so many songs he could have chosen in the world, he chose a song with my voice in it. It's my voice that made him fall in love with the song, that's enough for me." 


She then went on to say, "I'm just like Drake knows who Bucie is, so it's all good. You will find me very soon. If you are going to take a song that has my voice in it, that means very soon you are going to need that voice somewhere. Until then I'm patient.”

There you have it folks, there is no bad blood between Black Coffee & Bucie.

Image credit: Instagram/bucienqwiliso

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