Bucie thankful after surviving car crash

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Bucie Nkomo  | Drama

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Bucie is one lucky lady! The award-winning singer is thankful after surviving a car accident recently.

The Easy to Love hitmaker told Daily Sun: "By God's grace everyone inlvoved was okay, including the passenger in my car." 

The accident, which happened on Wednesday night on William Nicol Drive, Johannesburg, reportedly left her car in a wreck. The singer was not injured.

"It could have been worse but God is always with me I made it out unharmed. You can replace a car but you can never replace a life," she told the publication. 

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Explaining how the accident happened, she said: "The traffic lights were not working and I guess people still don't know how four way stops work. I was the first to arrive at the stop and I was about to turn when another car just came in my direction and bumped into me." 

We're glad you're okay, Buice.

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