Buhle Mda: If you're hating on Somizi hang yourself with a wet tissue

We're here for Buhle Mda's unfiltered comments.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Buhlebendalo "Buhle" Mda  | Drama

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The Soil's Buhle Mda has some strong words for women

The video was published in August but has seemed to re-surface again and people are just loving Buhle's honesty when it comes what she says on social media as her alter-ego Sis Getty.

In a very candid video, Buhle expressed how much of a force Somizi is in the entertainment industry after she watched three adverts in a row that featured Somizi in them.

And she's right if you haven't seen Somizi in a McDonald's advert you're bound to see him in a Dstv Explorer advert or an Idols ad. We're actually surprised Telkom hasn't roped him in to make an advert with them as well.

Buhle expressed how much Somizi is absolutely killing the game and that anyone who is hating on him should really check themselves or hang themselves with a wet tissue. Yes, you read correctly, a wet tissue.

Check out the video below.

Myekeni Lo Tata guyzini.

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Just know, when Buhle says "South Africa...Sanibonani.." it's about to get real! 

Buhle does not mince her words at all and says exactly what is on her mind.

A young #Voetsek to those malambanez

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Remember when she told women that put themselves last in a relationship to voetsek?

Yeah, that's Buhle for you, but she's right, Somizi uyasi ravaza sonke! Let's just admit it and move on.

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