Busiswa Allegedly Beaten Up By Baby Daddy Dj Kaygee The Vibe

Dj Kaygee The Vibe has allegedly attacked Busiswa along with her friend.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Busiswa Gqulu  | Drama

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Midnight Starring hitmaker Busiswa was allegedly beaten up by her ex boyfriend and baby daddy, Dj Kaygee The Vibe.

 Busiswa's  rapper friend who goes by the Twitter handle @MercWorldWide took to Twitter this morning to report an incident where Busiswa and himself allegedly got beaten up by DJ Kaygee The Vibe .

He details the events that allegedly took place in a Twitter thread.

“So guys today… I was attacked by Busiswa ’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy. This morning for the first time she was opening up about her abusive baby daddy. As we were having this discussion in her apartment … the guy managed to somehow get in, and he found me in the apartment with her and started attacking me.

“I tried to escape but he kept trying to grab me … along with his friend. At this point I am calling out for help and nobody is responding … so I rush outside while his friend is chasing me.

“His friend catches up with me and grabs me by the belt … as he attempts to beat me up … I am trying to call out for help while I’m blocking his punches. At that point they were arguing about who’s fetching the gun to shoot me.

“While this is happening outside, [the ex] is physically beating Busiswa  in the parking lot while I’m fighting off the friend. Then as I get closer to the security gate, [the ex] grabs a fire extinguisher and starts smashing my car windows and tries to break the door.

“At this time Busiswa  has managed to get herself in the house … but now it’s two against one … and security still not assisting. Finally after calling for help multiple times the security comes out and I ask him to call the police. He then tries to stop the attack but is unsuccessful and calls for backup … some how I manage to make it out side the complex but now I can’t run as it’s surrounded by a bush and the ex-boyfriend and friend have managed to knock my friend, who they found sleeping in the car, out.

“So they drive to the gate and tell the security to open. So they can attempt to shoot me. Somehow they get an exit code and they come for me. So I block as many punches and kicks as I can. Eventually they decide they’re going to fetch their gun and disappear.

“Security manages to put me in a secure location but Busi is in her apartment and scared. Finally the cops came and took statements. But I don’t fully trust the justice system,” tweeted the rapper.

Marc also posted a video of himself with a busted lip and his damaged car:
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