Cassper Angered By 'Fake News'

Does he owe his friend DJ Sumbody thousands?

By  | Nov 09, 2021, 08:32 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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The supposed "beef" between DJ Sumbody and his friend Cassper Nyovest has escalated but Cassper knows nothing about it. Or so he claims...Reports by City Press allege that Cassper owes Sumbody close to R150 000 over unpaid royalties. But the rapper who suggests that this is nothing but fake news, is angered by the 'clout chasing media.'

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This is the second time this is reported by the media and Cassper is not impressed. He said the media uses his name for clout and to sell papers as his name is always headlining, beke le beke!

"The lies don't stop!!! Lmao... wtf man ?? Does my name sell that many papers ? That's the only that would make sense cause wow. Week in, week out, Cassper what what Cassper. What, y'all write any fucking thing as long is my name is there!!! La bora le marete lotlhe entlek!! Almal!!!"

In the article by City Press, Sumbody's 'spokesperson' issued a statement confirming this apparent lawsuit. Palesa Dwaba of Tailormade Legal Solutions said as quoted by the publication, “This will also be duly chased down as the other side has reneged on a lot of the good faith agreements reached with them. The matter was withdrawn from the roll a day before going to trial, owing to a request from Cassper’s side that a negotiated settlement be reached so he would not lose his Samsung endorsement. Once this was agreed to, his management signed the settlement agreement and then went on to ignore and violate it shortly thereafter.”

Lawsuits keep following Cassper as last year, Tshego who was signed to his record label, Family Tree, exposed Cassper for not paying him a dime.

He took to social media and said Cassper has not paid him for songs namely "Henessey, Garden, The Vibe, Tell Em Say, So High, Dem Ah Wind, etc."

"If I told you I haven’t seen a single cent (sales) from Hennessy, Garden, The Vibe, Tell Em Say, So High, Dem Ah Wind, etc... What would you say? Mind you, I OWN THE MASTERS ON ALL THESE SONGS!" the rapper wrote.

Tshego has taken his wrong-doers to court, implying that he has been silent for way too long, "Been fighting a very silent legal battle. And when I win this case on Monday the humble sh*t stops."

But tweeps dug up his old tweets where he defended Cassper saying he does not steal people's monies, "I won't lie, our deal with Family Tree is basically unheard of. Cass does not make any money from his artists right now by choice. And that allowed us to create an environment where everyone is their own boss with their own teams, but contributing to one goal.." he once tweeted.

But Tshego has been on and off when it comes to his stance with Cassper. In previous tweets he told Cassper, low-key, that he should not sign artists when he is not ready.

“Please don’t “sign artists” if you not ready. Let’s keep it real all the way through. The artist you sign just might have higher standards than the ones you set for yourself . Accountability, ni**as. Artists are not dogs “Sit, stay, roll over while I go to work I’ll see you when I come back”. Lmao are you fu***ng crazy. This is business not a charity," Tshego wrote.

Last year reports suggested that  DJ Sumbody wants R500 000 from Cassper for the songs 'Tseya Ukwe' and 'Remote Control.'

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