Priddy Ugly Prepares To Knockout Cassper In Boxing Match

But Slik Talk also wants to step in the ring

By  | Jul 20, 2022, 09:03 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Cassper Nyovest might have won his first celebrity boxing match exhibition against Slik Talk, but the YouTuber feels he was robbed. The rapper shared a WhatsApp message from Slik Talk requesting a re-match.

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Cassper and Slik Talk faced off in December 2021 and the YouTuber lost. He feels as though he did not train enough for the match, so he deserves another chance.

“If I trained the fight would be very different. I deserve a fair one,” the said in his PM to Cassper.

Cassper mocked Slik Talk and said, “Not SLIK TALK wanting to get his ass whooped again.”

A lot of his fans want Cassper to agree to the match but he said he is no longer angry at him, "Yall would really like to see Slik Talk getting his ass kicked again? How much do yall hate this guy? I think my anger for him is depleted."

But Cassper feels even if he had to fight Slik Talk again, he would still win.

Cassper has a willing opponent though, Priddy Ugly. The rapper revealed that Cassper approached him for a match and is still waiting for things to get finalised.

Cassper gladly agreed to continue with the fight saying he is easy money, but he hopes Priddy will not back down like Prince Kaybee and AKA.

"I called cause I a man of my word. You once tweeted saying you wanna get in the ring with me cause everyone was ducking. Size wise, I'm way bigger than you, skill wise I am way more experienced than you. YOU EASY MONEY for me but if you really sure you wanna do this, let's rock!!!"
For Priddy Ugly though, he promises to beat Cassper and even asked him to train harder, “My advice, train a little harder from tonight.” 

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