[VIDEO] Musa Khawula Trolled For His 'Lackluster' Looks

Tweeps are still surprised he's actually a real person

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After much speculations around his disappearance on social media, controversial gossip blogger Musa Khawula has resurfaced. Reportedly, Musa Khawula is not behind bars as previously confirmed by tweeps, after he came forward to clear the air.

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Yesterday's reports claims that Musa Khawula is not in jail he rubbishes the rumors that has been making rounds on social media. Following his Twitter account, gossip blogger Musa Khawula has never been heard from ever since then.

Tweeps have since taken jabs at Musa Khawula following his that is making rounds on social media, where he was spotted at Ghandi Square according to Man's NOT Barry Roux.

"Musa Khawula was seen over the weekend in Gandhi Square crossing the road" wrote Man's NOT Barry Roux
Certainly tweeps were certainly not jumping for joy seeing Musa Khawula, in what they have called 'bad shape'. Tweeps are reminded for his tongue-in-cheek commentary that boarders into rude and disrespectful. Under the comments, tweeps have really taken jabs at Musa Khawula, as he is nowhere to defend himself.

"Why ehamba ingathi uzi*yele nje..." wrote Luhle
"He walks like he has two left legs" wrote Mokone
"Wait, why does it seem he's looking over he's shoulders now and then... Almost like he ate some humble pie..Thape
"And that walk is suspicious....ba mdlile ema holding cells" wrote Gandhi Prince
Talking to ZAlebs reporter yesterday, Musa Khawula said he doesn't regret leaking Metro FM's DJ Lulo Cafe's nude video that caused his suspension on Twitter. With his whole chest, he admitted that he would do it all over again if given the chance.

"I don't feel bad that the last thing I said was look at his nudes. I'll share them again they coming on my f*cking Youtube I don't give a shit I still got that video I might share them on my fucking Youtube that fucking nude I didn't say it by mistake I would do it again so that means I don't regret anything I don't" said Musa Khawula

He continued to take jabs as Lulo Cafe about his leaked nude video that got him suspended.

"His d*ck. So small. So, I can never apologize for that. I can apologize. If you have a big d*ck, maybe I'll owe you an apology. But if you're shit so small and it looks so tired, I do not owe you a f*cking apology. You owe the community and apology for walking around like you got a big d*ck. Meanwhile you got some small as sh*t" added Musa Khawula

His murder trial will return to the Vredenburg Magistrate Court on October, 19th.

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