Keke Mphuthi Speaks Out On The Trauma She Experienced With The Fergusons

Keke claims that the Fergusons fired her for being pregnant

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Connie Ferguson  | Drama

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Keke Mphuthi has spoken out on the trauma she suffered at the hands of Ferguson Films, as she alleges the production company fired her for being pregnant.

Her revelation comes after an open letter relayed to Minister Nathi Mthethwa by actress Vatiswa Ndara, who accuses the Fergusons of exploitation. Vatiswa's bravery is highly praised by many and seems to have encouraged Keke to detail her experiences in a thread on Twitter.

The actress became popular on our television screens on the drama series 'Unmarried' and 'The Throne Mzansi' however, her experiences behind the scenes were not all glamorous.

In support of Vatiswa, she also alleges how she almost miscarried during her pregrancy due to the stress caused by the production company.

In a series of tweets, she mentions how she got fired after Shona Ferguson found out she was pregnant and claims to have a recording to serve as proof.  “As I said I have a 28min recording of the meeting we had that confirmed my stay as opposed me being fired." She wrote.

Here is the full thread below:

The actress takes things further by claiming that an extra on set scanned her child, but that scene was cut and she never received an apology from the production team.

Keke posted a cute snap of her baby boy, apologizing to him for putting the blame on her bundle of joy for losing her job.

With the support she has been receiving, an ex colleague claims that her story is one sided and perhaps did not conceal her pregnancy, but Keke stuck to her claim of having evidence in the form of a recording.

The Fergusons are yet to comment on the many claims and backlash their production company is currently facing.

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