DaliWonga Called Out For “Biting”

Calls are for the musician to credit the content creator he was inspired by.

By  | Jan 24, 2023, 03:05 PM  | Daliwonga  | Drama

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DaliWonga is one of the leading Amapiano vocalists in the country currently. His melodic and soulful voice has been the soundtrack of many hits which have come out in the past year. Most of which were original lyrical content for the most part.

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However, Amapiano is a music genre which has continually used popular or viral colloquialisms in its music. Unfortunately, some artists have credit said content creators and others have decided differently. As such, when DaliWonga previewed his new song, things did not turn out well for the musician when it landed on Twitter.  

DaliWonga called out for “biting” 

Taking to his Instagram recently, DaliWonga previewed what is set to be his first single of 2023 titled Re Lokeleng, which he worked on with Mas Musiq. 
The song is inspired and borrow lyrics from the now viral video from TikTok by content creator Dimakatso Ephesia. The video was initially posted on the app in December 2022. However, it seemed to have found success when it was viral on Instagram. 
As soon as the song preview landed on Twitter, tweeps were quick to not only diss the song. But call out DaliWonga for his failure to credit Dimakatso. 
One of the most vocal and lauded opinions on the matter was from ZAlebs spiritual guide SIs Gugu. In a detailed thread shared by Sis Gugu she explained her stance on the matter by first stating by writing that: 

“Everytime there’s a trend created by “regular people”, it ends up on a piano track. Hamba Ha, Re squeezeng, Inganekwane etc- I never see those creators in these credits or videos. Artists are stealing from unknown creators & we’re not speaking up for them. Please credit the kids.”

Sis Gugu went on to add that: 

“I’ve seen this so many times and it’s getting weird. They credit their fellow celebs but let it be a regular kid from the hood, with small numbers, nobody credits or defends them. They complain about piracy but they do the same to smaller artists? No man.”
One person who seemed to want to defend DaliWonga was Euphonik, who suggested that the matter is not legal but an ethical matter. Moreover, suggesting that how would we know for sure that Dimakatso was the first to say it…

“More a self ethics/moral issue than a technical or legal issue. Do we know if she is the first person to "record" or "say" this? Wonga would only have to clear the publishing and I doubt any exists. Only person with a legal claim is TikTok and even they wouldn't get into it.”
But Euphonik was then reminded that the matter was on why musicians who use popular and now viral videos as their lyrical content not crediting or even featuring said content creators in the actual credits or in the supporting visuals of the song when it is released. 
DaliWonga on the other hand has decided to keep mum. Now, the wait is on whether or not he still does intend on releasing the single in the future, and will he credit Dimakatso. 

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