Want To Take Your Film To Cannes?

Here's how you can do it

By  | Jan 04, 2023, 01:19 PM

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For a long time now, the African film industry has been, for the most part, a forgotten member at the global level. However, that’s changing with the rise of actors from the continent and its diaspora. 

Additionally, Pavillon Afriques, an annual event that’s been part of the Cannes Film Festival since 2019 is also elevating the status of African cinema. It is providing a platform to film practitioners from these regions to sharpen their skills and present their works to the world and at the same time, giving the world access to the African film industry.

This year, Pavillon Afriques is entering its 4th edition scheduled to take place between May 16 and 25 in Cannes France. Its Founder Karine Barclais is passionate about her mission and confidently states that “Africa deserves to be part of the event”. 

‘If you are a film professional, you have to be at the Cannes Film Festival because it is the most glamorous event in the industry and its film market is the biggest in the world. We are an integral part of the festival and this is what I wanted because we deserve to be there.’