Lulo Cafe Breaks His Silence

Is he confirming that it's him in that explicit video?

By  | Sep 21, 2022, 10:08 PM  | DJ Lulo Café  | Drama

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“I’m crushed and have no fight left in me. I’m sorry" were the words said by house DJ, Lulo Cafe. The dance DJ became a trending topic after blogger leaked an explicit video of what looks like his doppelganger. 

The unproblematic DJ saw scores of people supporting him after the blogger did him dirty. 

Soon after he posted that video, his account immediately got suspended on Twitter. Shortly after leaking the video, Musa went on Twitter spaces to reveal he received the video from a friend.

Taking to Twitter, Lulo Cafe apologise to his supporters and said he has no more fight left in him. 

Lulo said he is okay but he just needs some time to himself, "I’m ok I was just apologising to those I’ve let down…I just need some time and I will be ok.”

Luo is still trending a day after the leaked nude video. 

He has gained some support from social media users and some want to see the downfall of Musa Khawula.
Tweeps have since called for the fall of Musa Khawula and his gossip days. 
While people are angry at what Musa did, many are calling for justice to be served. Musa was in court over the murder of Wandile Khambule. In a Twitter space, he told his side of the story. 

“I remember following him, believing we were walking to the car. But, we didn’t get to the car. He turned and picked up a bottle and threw it towards me, but I dodged the bottle. It was a Black Label bottle ”

“I picked up a knife and stabbed him in his groin area to get him off me, which was one stab – but it doesn’t matter because he died.”

“We continued fighting and later a guy came and separated the fight. I left immediately because I thought if he comes up again, he’s literally going to finish me, I ran to my car and I drove off,” he said.

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