DJ Maphorisa Backs Down From MacG Statements

Is this an elaborate scam on us?

By  | Oct 22, 2022, 01:02 PM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

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For a week now, we have watched as DJ Maphorisa and MAcG take shots at each other via social media. What initially seemed as “beef” is quickly turning into what is starting to seem more like a PR stunt rather than the full out threat of danger many initially thought it was. This all starting from controversial podcaster and producer-DJ labelling DJ Maphorisa aka Madumane a “gatekeeper."

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Excerpt on DJ Maphorisa and MacG “beef” 
On Sunday, 23 October it looked like this were getting heated when DJ Maphorisa was threatening MacG with hands all due to MacG labelling him a gatekeeper in Amapiano as explained in detail at the time stating: 
“MacG’s Podcast and Chill with MacG, Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady Monday episodes are goated in South Africa. It is the Monday segment that earns the YouTube channel its highest live numbers as it can have over 15 000 viewing the premiere of each episode.
During one of the Monday episodes, MacG accused DJ Maphorisa of being a gatekeeper in Amapiano. He alleged that any Amapiano artist that was looking to make a name for themselves or even get radio play need to get Maphorisa’s approval.
MacG was so intent to prove his point during the conversation when Sol Phenduka seemed to not agree that he called Reason aka Sizwe Alakine, who jumped on the genre through DJ Maphorisa’s endorsement. More so after it is believed that Sizwe Alakine worked his way into Phori’s good graces after penning his verse on the Amapiano classic Izolo. 
Sizwe when asked the question directly failed to be unequivocal in his response which only further fuelled the allegations by MacG. Moreover, MacG, who recently released his Amapiano EP, Song I Put My Name On made it clear that he was not afraid of DJ Maphorisa and whatever he will try to stop his success with his upcoming EP.” 
MacG responds to DJ Maphorisa threats via Instagram Live
In the events of the week following the comments made by DJ Maphorisa threatening MacG, the controversial podcaster who is currently travelling in Africa was quick to respond head on the suggestions that Maphorisa was waiting for him with security to deal with him. MacG, never known for depth kept to his brand as all he directly said was, “F**k Maphorisa.”
DJ Maphorisa Backs Down From MacG Statements
It might be the fact that DJ Maphorisa has just been cleared of any criminal charges after the Scorpion Kings skipped out on a gig and also did not face jail time that has made him go soft. But recently when he was asked whether or not he intended to fulfil his threat of dealing with MacG when they bump into each other at gigs, he backed down from the claims suggesting that he was joking. 
So was this all a ploy and DJ Maphorisa is set to appear on Podcast and Chill to officially “squash the beef.”Or the two will collaborate on a surprise EP in the future with DJ Maphorisa capitalising on MacG’s online popularity and MacG capitalising on Maphorisa’s influence in the music game. Who knows? 

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