DJ Maphorisa Distances Himself from Gatekeeper Claims

"Stop saying I'm a gatekeeper"

By  | Sep 14, 2022, 09:04 PM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

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Gatekeeper claims are nothing new for DJ Maphorisa. The Amapiano DJ constantly gets called out for either exploiting an artist or scheming to have things go his way. But he has since come out to defend himself from these Allegations. 
With the drama happening with Dr. Malinga and South African Revenue Services (SARS), the gatekeeping conversation came back. 
People continuously call out Maphorisa after certain artists dragged him for filth. 
He recently tweeted that there is no such thing as gatekeeping in Amapiano and that everyone can win in this game. 
“Amapiano ke “With or without you” movement no gatekeepers. Let it sink in, " he tweeted. 
However a follower said he is the gatekeeper, “You're the gatekeeper of Amapiano just like DJ Khaled is the gatekeeper of hip hop in the USA.”
Phori hit back and said there is no such thing and people should stop pushing that narrative about him. “I see you don’t get it, no one owns Amapiano, anyone can do it and win, good example, look at Uncle Waffles one trending Adiwele video the rest was history.”
“She did it alone. Ohh look at Costa Titch is doing alone and winning, stop saying I’m a gatekeeper,” he tweeted. 
There have been Rumours that he was responsible for Kabza and Malinga's song not seeing the time of day. 
Kabza went on a rant on Facebook live saying Malinga lied that Maphorisa stopped the release of their collab, saying he wished Malinga would have asked him privately instead of speaking ill about them on Podcast and Chill. 
Other scandal Maphorisa found himself in involved a man named Thabiso Floyd Tshabalala, Twitter handle @francwear who threatened to stop The Scorpion Kings event from happening. The man alleged that he had some dirt on DJ Maphorisa and even made some threats.
"I’m going to say this again, your deadline to get back to me is today at 11:59 pm or else don’t go to @KonkaSoweto tomorrow!! While you’re at it, postpone this event of mine until I give you the go-ahead!! Kind Regards Thabiso Floyd Tshabalala."
"I am Scorpion Kings Live at Sun Arena and yes, there will be no event without me the third member. Your keeper has stolen from the wrong person this time, a person who doesn’t even like your God!!"
"If I see one promoter booking @DjMaphorisa from here on, I’m calling the community of where the establishment is in order to cancel these events. I don’t need goons or any friends to help. I’ll do it all by myself."
Phori laughed these claims off and it was business as usual for him. 
He even got called SA's very own suge Knight after Sir Trill vented out his frustrations with certain music bosses. “It’s not me who doesn’t want to drop music. They’re trying to shut me down. Working overtime to cancel my shows outside when all I did was help the same people.”
“I wish you guys saw people for who they really are. It’s ‘you either let us eat from your plate or you don’t eat at all. I’m still not gonna sign my hard work, sweat and tears away to anybody,” said Sir Trill on Instagram.
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